Investment Services

Make your money work better for you

Everyone desires to obtain a good return on their investment, no matter what phase of life, or what financial position you have. Lohan financial services offers an exciting range of savings and investment products. Each product has a unique combination of benefits to offer you depending on your individual requirements.

We offer investments designed to deliver long term returns for our customers. Working in partnership with our product producers, we can provide the financial advice to match your investment criteria to the range of investment products on the market. (or in some cases off market)

The factors that we consider include what your return objective is (ie: what sort of return you require and your willingness/capacity/ability to take risk.)

You will be constrained by issues such as liquidity, time horizons, income and tax issues.

Every Financial Advisor is chasing return for their clients which is all very well in good times but the investor must consider the impact of a fall in values. Increasingly since 2008, diversification has become part of peoples investment rational. The success of funds such as Multi Asset (Irsh Life & Aviva), Pathway( Zurich) and Friends Magnet range is testament to that.