Hedge funds, their role within financial markets and the returns they generate have been under considerable debate since the global financial crisis. Some policymakers have been quick to blame hedge funds for market failures, while some critics have questioned their performance.

A newly-published study from Imperial College’s Centre for Hedge Fund Research, however, uses compelling, empirical data backed by detailed analysis to contribute some muchneeded objectivity to the debate about the merits of hedge funds.

KPMG and the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) are pleased to present the following report, titled, “The value of the hedge fund industry to investors, markets, and the broader economy.”

This is the first of an in-depth twopart series on the current state of the global hedge fund industry. Part I of the report, presented here, is based upon the Centre’s research and uses both detailed quantitative metrics and a review of recent literature from a number of hedge fund experts to draw conclusions about the industry and its role in contemporary financial markets.

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